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Source Tagging

Source Tagging Products

Source tagging benefits for retailers



  • Opportunity to securely display products
  • Increase sales & profits through the "open merchandising" of products
  • Effectively control internal theft 
  • Reduce labor costs by avoiding tagging in stores
  • Increase the focus on customer services
  • Protection without altering product design
  • Faster through-put at POS benefited by consistent tag placement
  • Enable floor-ready products
  • Ability to gain market share/increased shelf space
  • Integration into packaging to maximize EAS benefits
  • Ready for item level RFID applications



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RF Label

RF Hard Tag

EAS hard tag

EAS Source Tag

Source Tagging is the process of incorporating disposable Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft labels and/or hard tags directly into merchandise.  This is done at the time of manufacture or packing.  This saves time and money as retailers receive shop-floor ready goods.  Products are protected from theft without damage to product or it's appearance.

Source tagging is not limited to textiles and can be applied to almost any product including: cosmetics, shoes, pharmaceutical goods, electronics and perfumes.

Proven to increase sales, profitability and enhance shrink management source tagging is now an integral part of the worldwide retail process.



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