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Shirt Packaging

Shirt Packaging Products

Boxes and Bags

Suitable for different purposes we are able to produce rigid or flat packed (folding) paper boxes.  These can be branded or unbranded.

İnsert Cards

Our insert cards are custom made and we are able to offer various sizes, materials and finishes.

Tissue paper

We are able to supply tissue paper printed or blank, in a variety of weights.

Plastic Seals

Seals can serve different purposes including; holding a swing ticket in place, for security, or simply for visual or brand identity. 

We offer a wide range of options to meet  your exact requirements including plastic seals with a variety of cord options. 

Button Bags

Bags suitable for inserting a button and/or collar stiffeners can be custom made in various sizes, materials and finishes.

Shirts Tag

Swing Tickets

Shirts Hang Tag

Hang Tag

Button Bags

Shirt Box

Plastic Seals

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