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Woven Labels

Heigh Defination Woven Label

Taffeta Woven Label

Gold Sim Woven Label

Embossed Woven Label

Badge Label with Mettal

Logo Badge

HD Woven Label

Woven Label

Woven Labels

We offer a wide range of different qualities and techniques for the manufacture of woven labels. 

The most popular qualities are:

Taffeta – a traditional, economical and cost effective form of woven labelling. It can also provide the base for different more intricate brocade weave effects.

Satin - these labels have a luxurious, smooth appearance and used widely on prestigious branding for quality garments.

Reverse Satin - This is ideal where the satin quality is needed without the surface sheen, to give a more muted effect.

High Definition - a very high thread density gives the impression that the label is printed. The very fine yarns in this quality give superb definition to the design and brocade.

Finishing Options

Cut & fold options available for woven labels include;

•       Cut and Fold

•       Straight Cut

•       Centre Fold

•       Mitre Fold

•       Manhattan Fold



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