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Printed Labels

Care Label with KAFF

Clear Size Label

Barcode Sticker

Hanger Sticker

Printed clothing labels suitable for a variety of purposes.

Printed Cotton Labels

Cotton labels are suitable for use as a neck label or for outer branding and provide softness with a natural appearance.

 Polyester Satin Labels

The most common choice for care labels is the polyester satin printed label.  They are very popular in t-shirt and children’s clothing, particularly for neck labels due to their softness.

 Tyvek Labels

Tyvek is not suitable for skin contact and is therefore mainly used in labelling and accessories.  This is a non-tear, woven paper substrate making it durable and hard wearing.

 Printed Label Options

       Brand ID Labels

       Wash Care Labels

       Barcode Labels

       RFID integrated Labels 

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